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What We Do

Solutions for Supportive Homes is working to promote and create permanent, affordable, supportive environments for adults who live with physical, mental health, and cognitive disabilities, who need assistance to live independently, and who as a result of their disabilities live on extremely low incomes. 


Our goal is to optimize each person's potential and ensure they will have a secure and enriching place to live in communities that maximize the dignity and well-being of each individual.

What We Do


Solutions for Supportive Homes started as a working group in January 2019. The group is comprised of parents, family members, and caregivers deeply committed to preventing homelessness. We learned that of the existing housing opportunities, none are clearly focused on quality of life and housing as a basis of health. None offer the safety net of permanence. We went into action, found allies, met with elected officials and decision makers, looked for models that could be replicated. 


2020 was our year of community building and creating working relationships with key complementary organizations. We learned about community land trusts and began to search for property to purchase. 
We have done the research and found inspiring models to guide our process. 

In 2021, Solutions for Supportive Homes organized as a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our aim is to create quality, permanent supportive homes in a variety of healthy environments—urban, suburban, rural—connected to appropriate whole person services for extremely low income adults living with permanent disabilities. 


We are now actively seeking and evaluating properties in order to identify, purchase, and launch our first permanent supportive housing community. We invite families, residents, and donors to join us in our mission, work with us to prove the concept, and help form models that we can replicate in diverse environments.

To find out more about how to participate, email us: 



Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Carolyn Shepard

Board President

Educator experienced in non-profit management and charitable giving.

Jean Perry

Legislative Oversight

Nurse practitioner. Commissioner on the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Recovery Commission, SMC. Lived Experience Education Workgroup with SMC BHRS.

Joe Lanam

Finance and Property Research

President and broker of a mortgage services company, with over 30 years of experience in banking, commercial real estate, and real estate financing.

Donna Kelley

Business Operations

Business professional with expertise in lean startup development, product, marketing, and management.

Melinda Henning


Communications expert and advocate, active in the San Mateo County mental health community for 25 years.

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